Award Winning Maternity Portrait

I couldn’t resist sharing this… I was honoured to be awarded with a Bronze Award at the RISE International Photography Awards 2019. The award winning image was sent in for the Maternity category. Please find the image with the award below.

maternity photography

I am so happy because this image truly reflects the photographic style I enjoy creating the most. I love using my dark grey seamless paper background and the beauty dish which created the perfect light for the image. I usually like to stick to simplicity and elegance in my photography.

A special thank you for my lovely expecting client on the image, it was such a great teamwork. She had some amazing ideas for her maternity shoot and brought a huge bag full of outfits that matched her preferred style.

I have applied with a few more images but unfortunately they didn’t get any awards. Although all of them were very close to the necessary 75 points that was needed for a Bronze Award. Some of them only needed another 1 or 2 points… Some of the below images already won awards at different photography contests.

maternity photography sydney
Mother in Yellow – 73 Points

I don’t often use bright colours in my studio. This lovely client of mine loved colours like yellow, orange and red. I got inspired by the outfits she brought for her portrait session and used them all. This particular image with the bright yellow bodysuit turned out to be our favourite.
photographer near me
Two Generations Apart – 71.67 Points

I captured this image during the newborn session of a 10 days old baby girl. The grandparents only came to the studio to supervise the two older siblings, they didn’t want to be on the images – at the beginning. Luckily we have managed to convince them at the end and this spontaneous image turned out to be my absolute favourite from the session. I love the expression on their faces which shows love, pride and joy.
maternity photo shoot sydney
Love and Joy – 74 Points

I love capturing moments that show expecting parents’ excitement and love for their soon-to-be-born child. This one is one of my favourite maternity images because I think that the expression on the couple’s faces says it all.
newborn photos
Little Pink Tutu – 72.04 Points

My clients brought their baby girl for a portrait session when she was exactly two months old. The mum especially wanted the gorgeous little girl to be photographed in this cute dress and use a lot of pink. The baby was very cheerful throughout the whole session and we had a great connection right from the beginning. This image ended up being one of their favourites.

I have received very valuable and encouraging feedback from the judges which I really appreciate. I will keep testing my professional skills at more photography contests to learn more through feedbacks and to be able to provide the best quality.

Janette Osvay

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