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Tell us about yourself, your work and the purpose of your portraits. We will style your wardrobe and images, based on you and your profession, and where the photos will be published. We can work out a plan for you for social media content and blog posts, publications, your website and advertisements. We even design publications for your business. Bring your products or tools to our studio, or we are happy to go to your workplace. We also offer professional makeup and hair styling for ladies.

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  1. Your image is the first impression of you on your LinkedIn or other social media profile and in your resume. It might be your only shot to catch the attention of the viewer. In this fast paced digital world people often don’t have the patience to read the whole resume, only a few lines maybe. You have to have a good reason for them to keep reading.
  2. You have to look professional if you want to be treated as a professional. Simple as that.
  3. You will stand out from the crowd with a good quality professional head shot. Potential employers will remember those who have an impressive profile image. It is easier for them to put a face to the name.
  4. It also shows that you took the effort and made the small investment to look professional, because you take yourself, potential employers and your career seriously.
  5. What sort of photos would someone find if they would type your name in Google? You have to make sure that they find professional profile images as well.

Check out one of our business branding sessions – for an immigration agent – in the video below.

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