Best Time for Newborn Photography

This is a very important topic I always discuss with my clients. Many expecting or new parents don’t know that classic newborn baby portraits are taken when the baby is only about 10 days old.

The best time to photograph your newborn baby is when he/she is 8-14 days old. This is when we can take those peaceful sleeping images of them and show how tiny they are. They will never fit in your arms like that again. Babies grow and change so quickly, it is very important to capture these precious memories while they are still only one or two weeks old.

Newborn Photography

My clients usually book their newborn photo shoot while the mum is still pregnant. We look for an available date approximately 10 days after her due date. Then I just wait for the baby news and see if we need to change it. We usually don’t have to change the planned date but if we need to move it forward or postpone it then I try my best to move appointments around to find the best time for the baby photos.

Newborn Photography Sydney

Some new parents don’t feel comfortable about bringing their baby to a photo session so early. In many cases there are cultural reasons behind it as well. I keep telling my clients that it is perfectly fine, beautiful moments can be captured later too. For example, 8 weeks old babies can already hold their heads, smile and interact with their parents and siblings.

There are a few concerns in newborn photography after babies turn two weeks of age:

  • They might develop milk rash – which is perfectly normal – but it is really difficult to edit, especially on several images. Milk rash goes away as quickly as it appears but it can last for a few weeks.
  • They are more alert so they might have trouble falling asleep at a new place and if they do they wake up easily. If we keep interupting their sleep they become very unsettled.
  • They are not so flexible any more, so some classic newborn poses are not possible after 2 and especially 3 weeks of age.
newborn baby photos

Four to six weeks old babies are usually quite alert when they are in the studio. They know that it is a new place and are already interested in their surroundings. They recognise their parents and look around a lot – even straight into the camera – until they get tired. If they fall asleep during the session – they usually do – we can capture peaceful sleeping images, but the poses will already be slightly different from the classic newborn poses.

The little girl with her parents on the image above was exactly 4 weeks old when they came to the session.

The baby below was 6 weeks old. Her neck was already strong enough to hold her head a bit but at this stage they still need support.

baby photos sydney

This little princess below was exactly two months old at the time of the portrait session. At this stage they smile and look into the camera a lot. We can capture precious memories while parents are interacting with the baby. Their neck is stronger so they are able to hold their heads longer but still need support. If they get tired they fall asleep easily. Parents already know how their baby likes to sleep and how they like to go to sleep. We can capture beautiful sleeping images but the poses will be quite different from the newborn ones.

Baby Photos Sydney

At three months of age – like the little boy on the two images below – babies can be quite cheerful. Beautiful memories can be captured while parents and sibling play with them. They smile, laugh and giggle. Their neck is already quite strong to hold their heads. They still get tired quickly and it is important to avoid them becoming overtired – as with babies and small children at all ages. We might still be able to capture sleeping images.

baby photos sydney
family pictures

Newborn and baby portrait sessions for up to three months of age usually take 2-3 hours. Young babies need lots of patience, we need to stop every time they get hungry or tired, need a nappy change or a cuddle, or need to go to sleep.

If you would like to find out more about the timing and the different stages of baby photography feel free to give us a call on 0431 591 096 or get in touch with us through our contact page.

For more newborn and baby images please visit our gallery.

Janette Osvay

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