Maternity Nude Portraits

I decided to write about this topic because maternity nude portraits are becoming more and more popular in the studio. Many expecting mums ask me for this style of images when they come to their pregnancy session. Some of them are not even interested in anything else.

The female body is magnificent and it deserves to be celebrated for all that it can do. I see it as a work of art and this is why I love capturing fine art maternity nude portraits.

Nude pregnancy photography is always artistic, creative and tasteful. 

Ever since the earliest civilisations people left behind their depictions of the nude body in different art forms like hieroglyphics, cave art, paintings on various mediums, or sculptures. 

Photography, invented in the early 19th century, is the new art form when it comes to human depictions of the body.

fine art maternity photography

I love creating memories like these because they show the beautiful shape of pregnancy more, and I can go a bit more artistic. I often convert these images into black and white so they end up looking like fine art.

The Purpose

We create maternity nude images to look tasteful, modest, artistic and stunning. I always avoid anything to be seen that is not supposed to be visible on the image. The purpose of these photos is to show those gorgeous curves of maternity and the beauty of motherhood.

Tricks Used

Many times it looks like the mum-to-be wasn’t wearing anything but she actually is. In some cases it is easy to photoshop the underwear out of the image. I always do this if my client feels more comfortable about it. I always recommend my expecting clients to bring nude coloured underwear, which makes photoshopping it easier.

maternity photography
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Props and Accessories

We often use props when shooting nude maternity portraits. My favourites are scarves, shawls, sheer materials and pregnancy photo shoot dresses that open up at the front to reveal the belly.

maternity nude photography

Sometimes pre-pregnancy jeans or denim shorts make perfect accessories for a partly nude pregnancy portrait.

pregnancy photography
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A close-up of the belly looks beautiful too.


We can even make a maternity portrait look like a painting.

maternity nude

I hope you found this article helpful if you were interested in maternity nude portraiture. I’m happy to answer any questions on 0431 591 096 (Janette). Alternatively, get in touch with us via our Contact page.

If you would like to see more of our maternity work please stroll through our gallery.

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