What to Wear for Maternity Photos

I promised to write about this popular topic in my previous blog post. This is the first thing my expecting clients ask me when they book their maternity session. I have collected a few great ideas below. These outfits can not only work for a professional photo shoot but for taking maternity photos at home. Unfortunately with the current COVID-19 crisis it can still be difficult to hire a professional photographer.

Generally I always recommend plain, solid coloured outfits. Try to avoid too many colours and patterns and big logos. The focus should be on the face(s) and the belly, not on the outfit.


For classic maternity images you can wear long pregnancy gowns or even pre-pregnancy dresses. If they are stretchy they show the beautiful shape of the belly more.


In loose gowns you will need to use your hands when posing to emphasise the bump.

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A translucent material can also look great.

Maternity Gown
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Bodysuits look amazing. They can be plain or lace, preferably black, white or creamy, or any other colours. The important thing is to avoid dots, flowers, stripes etc.

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maternity photo ideas

You can capture maternity images in your favourite lingerie as well.

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I love knitted tops and cardigans, especially beige, white, grey, black or creamy.


I always ask my expecting clients to bring their pre-pregnancy jeans or denim short, if they are still able to wear them – unbuttoned of course. Pre pregnancy crop tops and tank tops can look nice too.

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Pregnancy Photography Sydney


Lacy robes or beach outfits you usually wear over your bathing suit or bikini – or any other dresses that open at the front – can show your baby bump beautifully.

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One of my favourite parts of a pregnancy photo shoot is to experiment with long scarves or sheer materials. You can use them as many ways you’d like.

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Of course there is the choice to have nothing on, which can be absolutely beautiful. In this case you really need to watch your posing. For example, always bend your knee closer to the camera and cross your legs when facing the camera.

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I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact me on 0431 591 096 or though the Contact form. I’m more than happy to help.

For more maternity shoot outfit ideas visit my pregnancy photo gallery.

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