What to Wear and Bring to Your Maternity Photography Session

Many of my clients are confused about what clothing and accessories they should bring to their Pregnancy Photo Shoot. Since I have many expecting moms booked in for the next few weeks I thought this topic would be a good idea for blog post – not just for my clients but for others as well.

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OUR STUDIO HAS MANY ACCESSORIES FOR PREGNANCY PHOTOGRAPHY, but it can’t hurt to have more choices. Anything you find at home which you think can look nice on the photo can be brought to your session. We might not use everything but it is good to have plenty of things to choose from. If there is something of sentimental value you definitely would like to be photographed in with your baby bump  then you should absolutely bring it.

You don’t need to bring all of the items listed below, these are just ideas and options.

I usually recommend for the mom-to-be to bring the followings:

– nice solid coloured underwear (black and/or white, creamy or any other colours, preferably without too many patterns), sports bra or bikini top, STRAPLESS BRA(S), boy shorts,

– button-up shirts – plain colours recommended;

– button-up knitted sweater – preferably beige, white or creamy;

– simple T-shirt, tank tops or crop tops – plain – don’t have to be pregnancy ones;

– long, wide scarves (sarong);

– pregnancy skirts;

– pregnancy or pre-pregnancy dresses (sheer or flowing dress);

– pre-pregnancy jeans or cord, unbuttoned, can work well if you are still able to wear them;

– yoga and other types of plain, dark-coloured workout bottoms and shorts can be very useful as well.

– long necklaces and a few options for earrings.


If you are coming with your partner I recommend for the dad-to-be to wear or bring the followings:

– plain coloured shirts or T-shirts – preferably white, creamy, black or blue;

– jeans or plain dark long trousers.

If you are coming with your children please choose matching outfits for them as well. Please try to avoid too many bright colours when choosing outfits for the maternity photos with the family. Also, too many or large patterns like stripes, dots, flowers etc. don’t look nice on photos either. Please try to avoid large logos.

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Please try to have lots of rest before coming to your maternity session. An early bedtime would be a good idea the day before. 

It is also important to eat before you come to the studio and please bring some snacks with you just in case you get hungry during the session. 

In my experience the best time for a pregnancy photography session is sometime late in the morning.

Regarding makeup: for pregnancy photos I would recommend natural looking makeup which you would normally wear if you were going out for the day or, in the case of more formal portraits, out for the evening.

If you would like to have professional hair and makeup we can organise it for you.

If you are interested in close-up photos which feature hands (on the belly) it might be a good idea to have a manicure one or two days before the session.


Bras, underwear and pregnancy trousers or skirts tend to leave marks on your skin which takes a long time to disappear and don’t look nice on photos. They are also very difficult to fix later in Photoshop. The best thing is to wear loose-fitting pants or a simple dress preceding the shoot in order to prevent lines and marks.

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If you have any questions about maternity photography sessions call Janette on 0431 591 096.

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