Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation

I am happy to announce that 26 of my images were awarded with Bronze Awards at the Portrait Masters Image Awards in November 2021. Together with these, I finally reached the necessary points for the Associate Portrait Masters Accreditation.

This is my greatest achievement since I have been working as a professional photographer. I have worked very hard for it and it was worth it. I learned so much and it all helped me to serve our clients better.

My plan is to keep working on my skills to reach higher levels of accreditation. I am excited to learn and improve and can’t wait for more opportunities to test my skills.

I am so lucky to have so many lovely clients who inspire and encourage me.

Please scroll down to see the award winning images.


This first level of accreditation means that I am a Portrait Masters Associate. It also means that I am providing a consistent professional quality of work. Please have a look at my Portrait Masters account by clicking the stamp below.

professional photographer

The Awards

Maternity Portraits

Just like before, most of the awards I received in the Maternity Portrait category. I absolutely love maternity photography and usually most of the images I submit for awards are maternity portraits. Please find some of them below.

outdoor maternity photography
fine art maternity photography
pregnancy photography
maternity photographer near me
pregnancy shoot

Pet Portrait

I only submitted the below pet portrait, since I don’t often photograph pets. The portrait is a composite of my puppy, 3 months old on the left and one and a half year old on the right. It shows how she changed from lockdown 2020. During the long lockdowns our only outings were walking the dog, while we discovered amazing places nearby. This magical place with the waterfall was one of them.

I love composites that tell a story and would love to create more in the future.

pet photographer sydney

Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir and glamour photography is is one of my favorite genres, after maternity and baby photography. All of the images I submitted in this category won a Bronze Award. I really would like to focus more on glamour and boudoir portraits from now on.

boudoir photos
boudoir photography
boudoir photographer near me
boudoir photo

Newborn Portraits

The below newborn image won an award. I am so happy for it’s success because it is one of my personal favorites.

newborn photography

Family and Group

The below three images got awards in this category. These are also very close to my heart.

family photography
newborn family photography

Children’s Portrait

It wasn’t easy to get 12 year old JJ to smile for the camera but I did it and his parents loved the result. This image was printed on a large canvas and it decorates their home.

child portrait

Contemporary Portraits

I submitted a few profile images as well and all of them received bronze. These are just three of them.

personal branding
glamour photography
professional headshot photography

Thank you for looking at my bronze awarded images. If you would like to see more of my images please visit my image galleries. For any questions please contact me on 0431 591 096 or through the Contact page.

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