Portrait Masters Image Awards, 2021 August

I am so excited to announce that 17 of my images were awarded with Bronze Awards at the Portrait Masters Image Awards. This was the second round this year, I already received Bronze Awards for 10 images in February. This time I submitted 25 images and 17 of them won! I am very proud of the results and learned so much again.

The judges were highly respected, award winning professional photographers from all around the world. This Awards and Accreditation Program is part of Sue Bryce Education where I am a member and keen learner. With these altogether 27 Bronze Awards I am over halfway to being accredited as an Associate Portrait Master. I really hope that this would happen sometime next year. Until that, I will keep working on my skills and knowledge in professional portrait photography.

Please see the award winning portraits below.


As usual, my maternity portrait were the most successful. 7 of them won awards this time. The first ones are the ones that got the highest scores.

maternity nude
maternity photography sydney

I absolutely love fine art maternity nude photography and my favorite one light setup in black and white. I’m so happy that these two images received higher scores.

The next image also received one of the higher scores in the maternity category. This one is also one of my personal favorites.

maternity photographer
maternity photography

With this image above I wanted to show how nature reflects the beauty of pregnancy. I’m not sure if the judges saw it but it did get an award and I’m quite happy with it.

pregnancy photography

Another one of my favorite maternity photos. The small branch and leaves are supposed to symbolize the new life growing inside.

I love making dresses and fabrics fly, especially on maternity photos. The below images are good examples for this, from a lighter and a darker setup.

pregnancy shoot

Family and Group

Some maternity images are also listed in this category because there is someone else on the image with the expecting mum. In my galleries the following photos are in the maternity one. I love the captured moments on these 3 photos.

maternity photos
expecting parents
maternity photography

I love mother and baby portraits and I’m so happy that these following images have won. They were some of my absolute favorites.

baby photography
mother and baby
motherhood photography


One image has won a Bronze Award in the Newborn Category. This one is very close to my heart.

newborn photography


I only submitted one photo in this category and it got an award. Next time I’ll try and send more. I loved every minute of photographing little Jacob, he is such a character!

childrens photography


My first award in this category! It is very exciting because I love this style. Can’t wait to do more of it.

glamour photography


I already have awards in Boudoir Photography, but this is the first one at the Portrait Masters. Next time I will submit more of these.

boudoir photography

I have been working so hard to level up my skills and getting acknowledged as a professional photographer. I’d love to provide the highest quality work for my clients. It involves constant learning and improving and growing. There is still a long way to the Portrait Masters accreditation but I am getting there.

If you have any questions about my work please get in touch though the Contact Page or by calling me on 0431 591 096.You can also schedule a phone call through the Booking Page.

To see more of my work please visit my galleries.

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