Portraits from the 1990s

As part of our “Portraits of Glamorous Decades” Photography Project, we are looking for 3 women for 1990s celebrity style shoots.

Would you like to feel like a celebrity in the 90s? Are you ready for a great day out and an unforgettable experience? Our Glamour Sessions include Professional Makeup, Hair Styling, Wardrobe Styling, Gorgeous Gowns and Accessories and More.

Keep stunning magazine style portraits of the Amazing YOU, in elegant 1990s fashion!

The Project

We would like to capture a set of amazing glamour portraits that represent different times from the past century. We are looking for 21 women to participate in this exciting journey through history – 3 for each decades that inspired us. One of them is the 1990s. The rest are the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and modern days from the year 2000 until today.

We will organize an exhibition with the best images from each session, in our studio and online. We can’t wait to see them together.

For more information about the project please visit our previous blog posts where all the details are listed. In this post we will only focus on the 1990s style.

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The 1990s

This decade I remember clearly. The 1990s saw a rise in the awareness of multiculturalism since the 1980s, as well as the advance of alternative media. Movements such as grunge, the rave scene, and hip hop spread around the world to young people. It was all aided by the then-new technology such as cable television and the World Wide Web.

Some of the celebrities who defined the style were the stars of the “Friends” TV series, MTV, the Spice Girls, Kate Moss, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Princess Diana, Sara Jessica Parker, Alicia Silverstone, Gwen Stefani and Janet Jackson.

Makeup and Fashion Trends

Makeup and hair: thin eyebrows, colored eyeshadows, lip liner and lip gloss, flipped hair, butterfly clips, braids and bandana for hip hop style, spice bun, messy bun, high pony tail with bang,

Fashion: high rise jeans with straight leg, denim skirt and jacket, oversize sweaters and knit cotton shirts, pleated pants, belted dresses, peasant skirts and tops, canvas shoes without socks.

Chanel‘s Spring 1994 range also looked to the street, dressing models in skates and baggy boy-shorts, accessorized with rapper’s chains. As the decade progressed, fashion moved from functional to decisively feminine.

Starting in the mid-90s, industrial and military styles crept into mainstream fashion. By the late 90s rave culture swept through and people were looking for clothes that were more glamourous again.

In the late 90s clothing styles were not too drastically different than they are today. In the 1990s, musicians had a much greater influence on what young people wore than designers.

boudoir photography

Today, the 1990s live on once more. Fashion’s proclivity for looking back has recently turned the decade into one of its more fruitful sources of inspiration, giving us a renewed appreciation for Champion sweatshirts, Birkenstocks and Nirvana tees.

Can you imagine yourself in this style, on stunning images?

More Information

For more information about this exciting project please call Janette on 0431 591 096 or get in touch with us through the Contact page. You can also also schedule a consultation via phone call or in person with us though our Booking page. You can also book your glamour session online.

If you would like to see more of our Glamour Work please check out our Glamour Gallery.

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