Maternity Photoshoot Gowns

Many expecting mums ask me about our dresses and accessories when they book their maternity session.

We have a wardrobe full of maternity photoshoot gowns, dresses, accessories and props. Our clients always love browsing in them and choosing their favorite ones to wear. During a maternity shoot our expecting clients usually get changed about 5 times. Some of them only wear our dresses. Others bring their own and wear some of those too.

I decided to write this post to show a selection of the outfits we have in the studio. I won’t be able to list and show all of them because we have so many. There are also brand new gowns which have just arrived. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to use them yet because currently there is a lockdown here in Sydney. Hopefully this COVID crisis will be over soon and we will be able to test them in action. Until that, they will be in a next blog post.

Please find some of the most popular maternity gowns below. These are the ones that we have been using a lot during our maternity sessions.

The White Ones

We have quite a few white and creamy colored maternity gowns. Some of them are plain, others are lacy or tulle. The first two are some of the most popular ones, we use these at almost all our pregnancy sessions.

maternity photography
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maternity photography

This style of outfit on the above image we have in many different colors, like purple, navy blue, light brown and beige. Some of them are sheer, others lacy materials. They are one size fits all, strapless and open up at the front to reveal the belly. They are very popular for maternity photography.

maternity session

This plain dress we have in purple color as well. They are both loved by expecting mums.

We also have lacy robes which look really nice over lingerie or a bodysuit. We have them in white, creamy, light blue and black.

maternity photography sydney

This gorgeous tulle skirt also looks amazing on maternity photos with a crop top. We have several tops to choose from and other skirts too.

maternity photo shoot

Beautiful materials like sheer, silk or tulle can also look stunning on maternity photos. We use these many ways and make them fly too. The studio has these in many colors.

maternity photo prices

Light Choices

Without doubt in this category our peachy dress is the most popular. It has a beautiful lacy top part and a sheer flowy, lightly see-through bottom.

outdoor maternity shoot

We have a stunning purple one too. Although the matching purple dress on the little girl is not ours, we can match many of our maternity gowns with cute little girl’s dresses.

pregnancy photo shoot

Let’s not forget this sheer sky blue gown.

maternity photography

Darker Options

I have to start here with the most popular one. This stunning blue dress is amazing with darker and lighter backgrounds and outdoors as well. The long tulle material attached to the back flies beautifully.

maternity dress

Another blue garment is this sheer one, one of those that open at the front.

maternity nude photography

Another favorite item is this dark purple one which we also have in long sleeve version. Most of the times we use it with this grey seamless background for pregnancy photos.

professional photography

Expecting mums often choose this maroon dress too.

outdoor maternity shoot

We offer black options as well.

maternity shoot
maternity photos
maternity shoot

We have many other outfits, props and accessories too, like for example our beautiful scarves. I love using these for pregnancy photos.

fine art maternity photography
pregnancy photos sydney
pregnancy photographer

Many of our maternity gowns we also use for newborn photography as well. When the parents come back with their new babies mum wears some of the same outfits she chose when she was pregnant.

Check out my next post as well about our stunning new maternity gowns. They arrived in the middle of Sydney’s current lockdown so we haven’t been able to use them yet.

Please let me know if you have any questions about our pregnancy photo shoots. Visit our galleries if you would like to see more of our work. Please don’t forget that we offer professional makeup, hair styling and wardrobe styling with our sessions.

Call Janette on 0431 591 096 for more information on our services or get in touch with us via our contact page. You are also welcome to book a free consultation with us via phone call or in person.

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